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Burns Night. It’s one night of the year when you can truly host a fabulous Scottish dinner party. But first, for those unfamiliar, let us look at why Scots around the World get together on this day and find out what the occasion is all about.

The 25th of January is known as the day to celebrate the life and times of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns as it was his birthday. His Address to a Haggis (an ode to Scotland’s national dish) is traditionally recited at Burns suppers before enjoying the haggis with neeps and tatties, which is why Burns and haggis are so closely linked. But what else is there to know about haggis?

We’ve done some digging and found these fun facts!

  • The origin of the word ‘haggis’ isn’t known for sure, but it is thought to come from the Old Norse word höggva, meaning to cut or hit

  • “Haggis hurling” is a sport. Yes, seriously. Its roots are unknown, but is often played at Highland Games across Scotland and even around the world!

  • The first commercially available Vegetarian Haggis was launched in 1984

  • A survey found that 1 in 10 Millennials believe that haggis is a real, wild animal! If you are one of said Millennials – spoiler alert!

  • Our Sales and Marketing Director Sarah Prentice has a dog named Haggis

Our chefs have put together some tasty and unique dishes, which we promise will be the ultimate show-stoppers at your Burns Night celebration…

Haggis scotch egg

Makes: 12


12 x Eggs

680g/half a stick Haggis (Fairfax)

500g Pork sausage meat

300g Panko breadcrumbs

4 x Eggs (beaten)

300g Seasoned flour

1 tbsp Dijon or English mustard


1. Boil the eggs for 5 ½ minutes. Refresh in ice-cold water then peel

2. Mix the sausage meat, haggis, and mustard until well combined

3. Divide the haggis mix into 12 equal size balls

4. Cover the egg in the haggis mix then pass through the flour, egg, and


5. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes to set before frying

6. Fry at 170° C until golden and crisp and the meat is cooked through

(Approximately 7 minutes)

7. Remove the egg from the fryer and leave to cool on a wire rack

Haggis sausage roll

Makes: 12


1 Sheet puff pastry

1.5kg Sausage meat

2 x Eggs (beaten)

680g/half a stick Haggis (Fairfax)

2 x large sprigs of thyme (picked)

Pumpkin seeds for sprinkling (optional)


1. Remove the packaging from the haggis and crumble into a large bowl

2. Add the picked thyme to the haggis, along with the sausage meat, and combine thoroughly

3. Cut the pastry sheet horizontally into two long strips

4. Divide the sausage mix into two portions and place a strip down the centre of each of the pastry pieces

5. Roll the pastry over the filling, making sure to brush a little beaten egg on the pastry where it joins together

6. Cut each roll into 6 equal pieces

7. Place the sausage rolls (with the join underneath) on a baking tray that has been lined with baking paper

8. Gently run a sharp knife over the top of the roll to add decorative slits and brush the whole roll with beaten egg to glaze (sprinkle with pumpkin seeds if using)

9. Place in the oven at 180C until golden and cooked through (approx 20 min)

10. Remove from the oven and allow to cool on a wire rack

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