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National Coffee Week With Pip & Bean!

While here in the UK we are known for our love of tea, we also have a burgeoning love affair with coffee. In fact, the same number of people confess to drinking coffee every day as those that say the same about tea.

Coffee is currently the world’s third most popular beverage after water and tea, and that is why for this year’s National Coffee week we wanted to share with you the story behind our very own sustainable coffee brand, Pip & Bean. Not only is it good for the environment, but we are certain that with its flavour profile and strong ethical messaging it will continue to be a hit for all of our clients.

The Pip & Bean blend uses beans from the village of Subirana in Honduras. This blend is setting new standards in sustainable coffee production and processing. It offers high-quality coffee and has become the world’s first off-grid coffee processing centre, powered 100% by renewable energy technology.

Not only do we provide our own delicious coffee, but we also provide a Pip & Bean café service that is modern, trendy, and not to be missed. This offer is perfect if you are looking for a smaller-scale service with a big impact.

Did you know that 80% of the people who visit coffee shops, visit at least once a week? As workplaces adapt to new working habits, our cafés serve as inviting, relaxing spaces for employee collaboration. It's hard to beat the irreplaceable experience of meeting face-to-face, sharing ideas, and enjoying time with colleagues, fuelled by our very own signature blend of coffee and simple yet delicious food.

With continued competition from the High Street and an increasingly discerning workforce that demands the highest quality food and drink, we have developed Pip & Bean Cafés as a modern and cost-effective alternative to larger-scale staff restaurants. We proudly serve excellent food and coffee, but on a smaller footprint, with simplified menus and, importantly for clients; clear operating costs and flexible contract terms.

A Pip & Bean café is designed to fit the demands of the modern workplace, with exciting food and drink for your team delivered on a smaller footprint than the traditional larger staff restaurant.

Like your mocha extra hot? Prefer almond milk to soy? Tempted by a slice of cake? At Pip & Bean, our teams are dedicated to making your visit as effortless, friendly, and delicious as possible, with the personal touch of having your own café on site.

“Pip & Bean is also a great place to work, too.”

All of our teams complete our Shine customer service training and with annual awards that celebrate exceptional performance, this means Pip & Bean also encourages and then recognises the hard work and dedication of our teams.

Get in touch...

If you are interested in a bright, modern High Street style café in your workplace with delicious food and great coffee, then let's have a cuppa and see how Pip & Bean can help make your office catering facility a real destination.

We’d love to hear from you and to show you around some of our fabulous cafés.

For more information, please head to our website:

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