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Why now is the best time to join contract catering!

When thinking of a career in catering, you’re probably picturing long and unsociable hours where you are expected to work late at night and start early in the morning. What if we told you, cheffing doesn’t have to be this way?

“Chefs and catering employees are exploring their options within the contract catering industry – a long-standing type of catering work which is currently enjoying a period of exciting growth.”

- Dawn Bannister, KBS Recruitment

Sociable hours

Now more than ever is an exciting time to consider joining the contract catering industry. Our chefs are able to really express themselves, from writing their own menus to creating special events for customers. It means there is room for personal and professional progression too, all while being able to enjoy your weekends!

Chefs and catering employees within our sector typically enjoy service hours which mirror that of our customers; this means an “office hour” working week with your weekends and evenings kept free. It’s a benefit not found in most hospitality roles and it’s crucial for helping to keep a positive work/life balance.

It’s all about balance

At Blue Apple, looking after our team’s mental health and well-being is of utmost importance to us. It is proven that those who have a poor work-life balance suffer more with their mental health, however, we truly believe that support from colleagues, sociable working hours, and a stimulating working environment will give you the chance to shine.

Career Progression

There is always room to grow and develop your skills further within this industry. At Blue Apple, our chefs and culinary teams are constantly coming up with unique and innovative ideas and recipes. Think of themed days to celebrate a variety of events – from Oktoberfest to Christmas, with no two days being the same. We trust and value our chefs, and this is proven by the fact they can develop their own weekly menus and come up with weekly specials that they think will grab the attention of their customers.

If you’ve been working as part of a team of chefs for a while and are eager to spread your wings into the wider catering industry, contract catering could provide you with this exact chance to grow.

Shining a light on our teams

Blue Apple recognises the talent and hard work that goes into the running of our business. We wouldn’t be who we are without our fabulous teams. We have the awards to prove it - we’ve previously been named as a Best Company to Work For at both industry and national level. We are currently proud to have held the Investors in People accreditation for the 20th year running. We are committed to helping our teams grow and be the best that they can be, all while encouraging them to receive the recognition they deserve.

Join the bunch

If it’s your dream to develop menus, to work with a variety of clients with a bonus of sociable hours – contract catering might be the perfect move for your career. You can head to our Join Us page to find out more about our current vacancies – we look forward to hearing from you.

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