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Looking out for our Planet

Blue Apple is dedicated to effecting positive change wherever possible across the business. If an opportunity to improve in any area, however small, presents itself we never hesitate to seize upon it and we are proud of what we have achieved as a business.

We are aware that sustainability and CSR requires a forward thinking attitude and will continue to take an approach that focuses on continuous improvement. This requires not only the continued buy in of our staff, but also that of our suppliers and customers alike, and we are delighted with the level of input we have had across our business. We thoroughly intend to push ourselves as hard as possible to achieve our own and our clients CSR goals.

"We wholeheartedly believe that doing business responsibly is the only way to create a sustainable future. Our environmental standing and innovations are not something we simply pay lip service to, they are instilled at the core of our business"

Sustainable Credentials

We are mindful of where we source our ingredients and are continuously working to minimise the environmental impact of our business. Our chefs are only as good as the ingredients they use and it is our responsibility to source the best local and seasonal produce from our supply chain.


"We live and breathe fresh food, Using quality ingredients, British produce with provenance. Sourcing the best ingredients is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Every day, Blue Apple uses the freshest ingredients - hand picked and delivered directly to our skilled chefs"

Meet some of our Local Suppliers

Our passion surrounding food provenance and our supply chain stretches far beyond using just the nearest suppliers.

We want to know how the vegetable fields are cared for, how the animals are kept, what the livestock is fed and what the travelling time is from field to slaughter. Our vision for procuring only exceptional ingredients is felt throughout our business and is of paramount importance to our chefs.


Strong relationships with suppliers enables us to source quality, fresh and seasonal produce. This not only helps us produce delicious meals, it also enables us to continue supporting the communities that we operate in.

Image by Julia Koblitz

To ensure our sustainability and CSR initiatives are always kept on track we have our Green Apple Ambassadors (GAA).

The team comprises of Blue Apple staff from all levels of the business, who are champions for the environment and committed to making a real difference to the impact our industry has. Their objective is to ensure we achieve our Sustainability and CSR targets, by monitoring progress, making recommendations and implementing improvements for our clients and throughout the Blue Apple business.

Their initiatives range from waste reduction and alternative packaging solutions to community outreach and charity projects.

We've Reduced
Supplier Deliveries a whopping 17% across our business
10% of our
...are completely plastic free
Where Possible We will source 
...our produce from within 25 miles of our operation
We have
reduced OUR
... food waste by 5% across our business

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