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In the modern workplace we recognise that our key competitor is the high street, where food trends move just as quickly as fashion.

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We’ve always embraced this challenge by focusing on service delivery, technology, promotional events, loyalty schemes and continuous menu innovation. We invest time in developing and tasting new recipes and concepts ideas whilst remaining faithful to our roots of delivering dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. By continually adapting to these changes we ensure our customers can enjoy delicious, new dishes that reflect the very latest food trends.

We're not afraid to make bold decisions and suggest ideas that that improve and enhance our customers experience. The service we provide our clients evolves through a continuous process of innovation. 

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I receive compliments on the service that Blue Apple deliver every day. Employees have stated that it’s the food that keeps them coming into the office. The café needed to deliver on fuelling our employees and helping keep morale high in what can be a high-pressure environment, and it does exactly that.”


At Blue Apple we cater for all of our customers needs, ensuring all food is current, seasonal, on trend and above all, delicious! Made from the freshest ingredients and prepared by our skilled teams, all of our menus are bespoke for each client and location, based on the demographics and facility.

Success in today’s competitive market requires creativity and innovation. With customers rightly demanding more than ever before, we know we need to compete with the high-street to stay ahead of the curve.

Quality Ethical Coffee

At Blue Apple, we’ve always bean (see what we did there?!) passionate about a great cup of coffee. Pip & Bean is the result of our coffee loving bunch working hard to create the perfect blend, while setting new standards in sustainable coffee production. We’re proud to call Pip & Bean our own and are passionate that our beans are ethically sourced and fairtrade, which means a guaranteed minimum price to the farmers for their coffee and a better life for them and their families, while improving quality and yield.

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When entertaining visitor's hospitality is a reflection of your business, At Blue Apple we understand the importance of a high quality hospitality service to our clients and want to ensure we make the best impression on your behalf. Our food development team have created ‘Crafted’ our best in class hospitality concept. It contains innovative menus and presentation ideas specifically for hospitality events from working lunches to fine dining.

Crafted by Blue Apple is skilfully prepared, beautifully presented and lovingly served. 


Our business is built on the strength of our teams. Our culture is instilled in our teams from the moment they begin their journey with us. We create an environment where individuals can thrive and develop their passion and we will support them to be the best they can possibly be!’ We set the stage for our teams to perform!

“When we train and nurture our teams we are rewarded by their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm. This is why we provide unique opportunities to complete an apprenticeship with our training partners at HIT”

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We are dedicated to our people principles and we provide excellent development and career opportunities and work hard to ensure we provide appropriate training as well as creating career pathways. Take a look at some of our successes.

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