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The finest feasts...with our sales & marketing team

Working within the hospitality industry, it’s a no-brainer that we are all passionate about good food here at Blue Apple! From authentic Spanish bistros to Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese, here are some of our Sales and Marketing team's favourite foodie spots and dishes that are sure to make your mouth water...

Sarah Prentice, Sales & Marketing Director

My most memorable recent dish is the Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese from Shrimp Wreck in Edinburgh.

It is hard to find a great mac ‘n’ cheese and I have to say unless homemade I am always disappointed. However earlier this year my car broke down in Portobello, Edinburgh and whilst waiting for breakdown recovery and feeling hungry we found The Shrimp Wreck on the seafront after Googling places nearby. Being a lover of crab and cheese, I had to go for the crab mac ‘n’ cheese which was very memorable and incredibly satisfying. Their chowder was pretty impressive too. It was honestly the first time I had been happy that my car had broken down. It’s a long drive but worth it and I will be back…

Scott Northway, Design and Marketing Manager

I’m a man of pretty simple taste when it comes to food, but my first experience of a tasting menu on holiday in Spain a few years ago made me question that. Staying with friends in the small town of Archena near Murcia, we were booked in for dinner at Atempo Weekend Bistrot. On the face of it, a modest, slightly dated-looking restaurant on a backstreet didn’t give me much hope but as soon as we took our seats, I knew I was wrong. Run by couple Paco and Monica, the restaurant only opened at weekends as the pair shared their time between ‘day jobs’ in kitchens at restaurants in Paris and London respectively. That experience in the top restaurants of those cities was evident when we were presented with a stunning seven-course tasting menu focused on local seafood and produce, and paired with beers and wines from the Murcia region. The modest bill certainly undersold the quality of the meal and made us wonder how much we would have paid for a similar experience in a larger city.

It’s now eight years since I visited so I checked to make sure it’s still open. Sure enough it’s still collecting rave reviews from locals and tourists alike and serves as proof that new experiences can come in pretty unlikely places, even for pasty loving people like me!

Peter Attfield, Assistant Marketing Designer

I’m a big fan of a classic Chicken Katsu Curry. With the crispy coating of panko breadcrumbs on chicken with a smothering of katsu sauce, what’s not to love?! I don’t like an awful lot of heat in curries so it’s certainly a better option for my taste buds. I like to add a small addition of pickled radish sprinkled on top to give an extra level to the dish. I would definitely recommend…there are plenty of amazing recipes to follow online!

Milly Golightly, Creative Bid Writer

As a lover of twinkly lights, fresh flowers and tasty food… Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is my absolute favourite place to visit. The perfect setting; a walled garden parallel to the river Thames, nestled under an abundance of greenery and fairy lights - it really is picture perfect. I took my mum there for her birthday last year and they went above and beyond to make it special for her, with candles in her pudding and everything… (much to her embarrassment!) We shared the set menu made up of organic and fresh ingredients, and I can’t remember all the dishes but oh my, the scallops were incredible as were the crispy potato skins they came with. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a special place to celebrate a special occasion. Don’t forget to try the wines!

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